Thursday, February 14, 2008

Surprise! And Happy VD!

Happy VD everyone! Happy VD mom, dad, sis, Brother R and Shugs, Mr and Mrs Pooh and The Cutest Kid in the World, the entire G-clan, all my friends scattered all over the country, and my Blondie.

Surprise! They decided to do our final assessment at bootcamp today, in case we needed more than 1 day to complete everything. It ended up being a good thing. Since I thought everything would be done on Friday, I slept like a log last night, wasn't up all night worrying about the test.

RESULTS 2/14/2008 :
Flex: 23.5"
Situps: 47
Pushups: 22
1.5 mile timed run: 17:27

I'm QUITE content with how things turned out.



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Awesome!! Great job girl, I'm so proud of you