Wednesday, February 20, 2008

This one's for you Shugs!

Soooooooo... here it is in bullet format... the oh so exciting life of Yours Truly and Blondie!
  • Bootcamp Session #1 ended on Friday. Due to lack of people that actually showed up for the final class (it reminded me of high school), they combined my group and Blondie's group again. And tried to kill us. Again.
  • What better way to celebrate Bootcamp Session #1 ending than by EATING! Pizza and gin (for me) and brownies (for blondie) were the order of the night for Friday night. That and an 8:45 pm bedtime.
  • What other better way to celebrate Bootcamp Session #1 ending than by doing NOTHING all weekend! Blondie and I went for Greek food on Saturday night, and then Bbbb joined us for watching some Animal House. I've forgotten how hysterical that movie is, and enjoyed my evening thoroughly.
  • We were joined by Party C on Sunday to watch Singles and Fast Times at Ridgemont High. And order chinese food. Which meant we ate even more. So yeah, eating was the order of the weekend.
  • Bootcamp Session #2 started on Tuesday. Yay! I can't tell you how much better I feel with this. My running has improved so much, my body - you can see muscles. It's insane.
  • Lunch with Bbbb and Blondie today - we imbibed in salads from Bristol and just got to catch up (beyond Sat night).

Things coming up that you will get to hear about! (In bullet form)

  • CV Supper Club on Thurs night with Party C, Porn King, Girlfriend J, and various other assorted friends. Pizza Orgasmica (yes, it's real name) is the order of the evening.
  • Working out both days this weekend - I even went and bought new yoga pants today so that I'm styling and profiling in Bikram.
  • Mrs Pooh (aka wannabe-strawberry picker) is having a birthday in 7 days.

Are you guys jealous at how much fun we're having??? :)


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