Friday, May 09, 2008

Happy happy (almost) birthday!!!!

So, my favorite man in the world is having a big giant birthday on Monday. I just wanted to let everyone know in advance, b/c this birthday is a big one.

Blondie and I have been having a celebration week b/c of the birthday also. We went and saw Ironman on Wed night - that was a really good movie! I had to laugh b/c it seems like the 80's stars are on a comeback right now (Jon Cryer - 2 and a Half Men; Patrick Dempsey - McDreamy of course; and now Robert Downey Jr). Who's next?

Last night we went for our favorite deep dish pizza. It was so fantastic. Fantastic until this morning when all 5 tons of food I inhaled last night decided to rise up on my way to bootcamp. I spent 20 minutes talking myself out of yakking.

Tonight Blondie and I are joining our bootcamp group to take in the SF Giants game! If the Giants win, it will make our record of going to the games and having them win spotless.

Tomorrow we are going with my running group to CS Reservoir again for an 8 (6???) mile run and then afterwards are finally headed to San Jose to see the Winchester Mystery House!

Sunday, we will sleep.

Happy Friday all! And Happy Almost Birthday Blondie!!!


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