Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Too much vodka... not enough non-vodka...

Work party Friday night + hanging with Sweetie J and Party C afterwards + sooooooo NOT used to drinking anymore = green Yours Truly on Saturday morning.

Blondie and I skipped running with the running group on Saturday because the only thing I could think about Saturday morning was bagels. Bagels to sop up the vodka rolling around in my gut.

Blondie drug me out to Crystal Springs Reservoir on Sunday morning though - it's about 20 minutes south of SF, and it's a paved out-and-back, 12 mile roundtrip course.

I managed to actually run an entire 10K (6.2 miles) - I used to run 6+ miles on the treadmill back when I was in great shape, but never could do that distance outdoors. I used to sign up for 10K's and have to run/walk them. But I managed to run it all on Sunday, and run it faster than I've ever done a 10K. I was ecstatic.

Of course Blondie ripped out 10 miles in only 30 minutes more than my paltry 6.2 but that's okay. He's got longer legs than me.

The most exciting part of the run though was the wildlife. I was on my way back to the parking lot, and there was a baby deer alongside the path, just chilling. I couldn't stop staring at it (almost tripped over my own feet there) b/c I couldn't believe how close I was to him! It's times like this I wish I had little cat leashes and could drag them for a run with me - how much would Tigga and Max (okay, just Tigga) loved to see the deer!

--Boring K.

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