Monday, February 02, 2009

I've got nothing...

The title says it all - a post about nothing.

Blondie and I ran the Kaiser 5K this past Sunday. We both wore our Garmin watches and it turned out that the 3.1 mile course was really between 3.29 and 3.31 miles. To be fair, Kaiser did say that only the half-marathon course was certified, and the 5K course was not. But still.

Blondie did *amazing*, and ran it in 27:12, which would've been about 26:30 for a certified 5K. I did mine in 43 minutes (ha, nice job). But it would've equated to about 40-41 minutes for me. I've been tracking my time on my Garmin also, so although my time sucked, I was able to see that I kept my pace up much better than I have been. So that was 1 upside.

After our 5K, it was off to the Sisters C to watch the Superbowl.

For those who I'm on Facebook with, here is my "25 Things About Me", but it's not on Facebook (as I'm too lazy to pull it up right now), and I doubt it's going to be 25 things - but we'll see:
1) I don't like kids, but am madly in love with my nieces and they can do NO wrong.
2) I love my cats, and will carry on entire conversations with them (filling in their piece of course).
3) I love SF, but have got a giant bug up my butt to live in NYC for awhile.
4) I hate running. Hate it.
5) I'm trying not to hate running. It's not working so far. And has never worked.
6) My favorite beverages are beer and water. Honestly, if that's all I could ever drink again, I'd be fine with that.
7) I love when Blondie wears a blue shirt. It makes his eyes look infinite (sappy sappy sappy)
8) I love not having a car, and if I never own one again, I'd be fine with that.
9) Even though I love not having a car, I miss supermarkets with giant parking lots.
10) Even though I love not having a car, I miss gyms with giant parking lots.
11) I miss my family every single day of my life.
12) I miss my BFF TT every single day of my life.
13) I'm addicted to the SATC movie.
14) I'm also addicted to memoirs at the moment (read anything Jennifer Lancaster has written - she's bitterly funny).
15) My new nervous habit is cracking my right thumb - at least I'm not picking my teeth with my hair anymore.
16) In my wildest dreams, I'm a size 4 - but in real life, I'd be happy maintaining a size 10.
17) When I'm done in SF (or NYC), I will live in Chicago.
18) If I could vacation in only 1 place for the rest of my life... Vegas baby... Vegas. It's got everything anyone could want - pools, heat, gambling, free beer, shows... It's my dream city.
19) If I could do it all over again, I'd be a large animal vet (horses, cows, etc) - I couldn't deal with putting down pets, but could probably deal with handling larger animals.
20) I'd love to be vegan, but probably would die without sushi. Well, not die, but I definitely would make life miserable for Blondie if I couldn't get my sushi.
21) I'm listening to "Dani California" while I'm typing this - California, show your teeth.
22) I NEVER want to relive my high school years again. They were NOT the happiest of my life.
23) In the same vein, I love my life more each year - it's like wine or cheese, it keeps getting better with age.
24) Unfortunately my body does not get better with age.
25) I MADE IT TO 25!!!!!


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