Monday, February 16, 2009

Ready to go!!!!

Happy V-Day everyone!!!! Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day! Hugs and kisses to my beautiful nieces - TCKITW V1.0-4.0; and to my family and friends (but you all will just get hugs).

The past weekend was pretty good - I was *exhausted* from last Wed - from my 3am start time, that led straight into 11:20 am, when I had to run down and catch a bus to downtown for a personal meeting, and then straight back to our apt where I did a quick workout, finally ate lunch, and then immediately took off for south bay. It was soooooo good seeing Brother R though! We had a most excellent dinner (with most excellent sangria), and then shot pool into the evening.

Friday I came home though and crashed, slept for 11 hours. Then on Saturday we said a pseudo good-bye to PC as she moved across the bay to Berkeley. It was a sad day in SF. But it got better b/c after the move, Blondie took me for doughnuts and sushi for V-Day. It was so perfect!!!

Yesterday we met up with PC for lunch (she was back in the city to finish cleaning up her old apartment) and then it was back to our house to literally lay on the couch all afternoon long.

But, now I'm READY TO GO!!!! Brother R will be driving up on Wed night to SF, and we are going to have some fun, and then Thurs morning, for the first time since last July, we are off to KY for the weekend. Brother R got on our same flight, and I'm totally looking forward to seeing everyone again and meeting TCKITW V4.0 for the first time! I'm *NOT* looking forward to the 3:30 am wake up for the flight though.

Oh well, can't win everytime. :)


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