Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A new perspective... A great weekend... A happy week...

I've sworn through my teeth for 21 years now that I hate skiing. And it was true. I loathed skiing. The whole 1 time I went, skiing overnight, at 13, without lessons - truly truly sucked. BUT, I'm attempting to figure myself out this year - and that will be involving why there are things that I won't do, or won't attempt to do - and one of those things is skiing.

Having said that, Blondie and I went up to Reno on Thurs and spent the night. We call it "Baby Vegas Baby". Reno was like the poor man's Vegas - which is exactly what we needed. The rooms were cheap (the hotels/casinos were super nice though), the gambling was cheap, the food was cheap and the beer was free. We had a great night playing craps and blackjack, and didn't want to leave on Friday.

But I'm glad we did, b/c we drove back into CA/Tahoe area, and took some ski lessons at one of the ski slopes. And guess what? I actually really liked it! I only fell a few times, but I felt in control of everything by the time our lessons were done. It was also a great workout, and I could feel it all through my legs all weekend long. So for all my bitching and moaning for 21 years, I could've been out there perfecting my skiing skills and having a blast. :) I will be back.

After skiing, we met up with 12 of our friends in our rented house for the weekend. We ended up hitting the casinos on Saturday again, and just enjoying everyone's company. It truly was the best weekend I've had in awhile.

And for the best news - Brother R is now working in the bay area!!!! He will be flying in for the week, and flying out for the weekend. This is the first time in 11 years that I will have lived in the same state as someone in my family. Blondie and I are off tomorrow afternoon to his city (San Jose) to hang out for the afternoon and eat some dinner with Brother R. SO LOOKING FORWARD TO IT!!!!



carmalynne said...

I'm glad that you guys get to see Randy but I am totally jealous! Hope you have fun & stay out of trouble:)

April said...

Where did you ski this weekend? I was in Squaw Valley Sun-Tues. I didn't ski though - I'm lame like that.