Sunday, June 20, 2010

Chock Full o' ...

I'm coming off a jam-packed week, which interestingly enough, made my work week fly by. That rarely happens, so I'm quite happy with how it turned out. Anything that can make work go faster is 2 giant thumbs up in my book.

On Monday, I got stuck staying late at work for a project I'm on. Around 8 pm, when I was getting ready to leave, 2 of my besties from work suggested dinner. I wanted a burger, 1 of my friends wanted wine, and another one wanted mussels (random all the way around) so we ended up in a Belgium restaurant on the UES enjoying all 3. My girlfriend and I got a little blotto while my guyfriend just laughed at us both and ate all the food.

Tues night Blondie came home from the Land of Cheese! I met him at our cajun place in our hood where we both had a hurricane and a beer, and split some food. It was so good seeing Blondie again - 9 days apart is a lot.

Wednesday night was my 3.5 mile run through Central Park. I run on the treadmill 100% of the time and I'm fine with it - 3.5 miles on the treadmill is always doable. On the treadmill with no inclines in the air-conditioned gym in the morning no later than 7 am. I'm fine with that. Outside? At night? With hills? Um... BUT I DID IT! I'm a slow runner, but I got all 3.5 miles without stopping - and also, I noticed that all the hills in NYC are in Central Park, on the route that our race was on. My times probably would've been about 3-4 minutes faster if the walkers had lined up where they were supposed to - 15000 people entered and all I did was dodge walkers. It was also probably a lot more than 3.5 miles simply from all the weaving I had to do.

After my race, we stopped at Cold Stone so I could get a small Strawberry, Mango & Banana Sorbet mixed with gummy bears, before heading on home to order in a grilled cheese sandwich.

Thurs night and Fri night, we stayed in. The week had caught up with me, and I quite honestly, have something going on with my stomach. It started on race night where absolutely nothing sounded good - and nothing still sounds good. I'll be ravenously hungry but the thought of eating makes me want to vom. Hmmm... I hope it's not the precursor to some stomach flu.

Yesterday Blondie and I took off to the LES - we headed to Ippudo for ramen. This was Blondie's first visit, and my second one - the soupy ramen actually tasted good to me, so that made me happy. And Blondie LOVED it. I have a feeling we will be making a lot more trips down to visit.

After the ramen, we walked a few blocks over and toured Merchants House - it's an 1800's house, the only one left like it in NYC, completely restored to what it looked like in the 1800's. It was spooky and eerie, and also, the most haunted house in NYC. The whole house gave me chills. Every step you took, a floorboard would creak. The basement was freezing cold. The bedrooms where people died were boiling hot. The tour was amazing, but I was also glad to get out.

From the haunted house, to the oldest bar in NYC - McSorley's Ale House. Definitely a sight to see (from sawdust ALL OVER the floors to old-timey pictures ALL OVER the walls), and after more beers there than we intended, it was out to hit up a "Save the Lower East Side" festival that we had seen on our walk over.

Afterwards, we caught our train back to our hood and hit up our fish market for some tasty delights, before heading to the farmer's market and meat market.

Then it was home to collapse.

Today we are about 3 seconds from heading out to see the A-Team. We did laundry and a workout already this morning, and have to run an errand in Times Square after our movie, but then we are done for the weekend.

Hope everyone is doing well.

Finally, not only a big HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to the sheriff but also wishing TCKITW the happiest 5th birthday anyone can imagine!!!! I miss you sweetie and hope you are doing well!


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