Sunday, June 27, 2010

I have no title today

I'm trying to get off my ass right now and go for a run. It's not working.

Okay, so, I had a pretty good week. It could've been better, but it also could've been way worse - so that nets out to a win in my book.

Monday I came home from work and Blondie had some serious cabin fever. After dinner, he wanted to head out to buy some coffee so I went with him. It was a beautiful night, the sun was just starting to set - so Blondie suggested a walk to the Hudson. We sat out by the river, people watching, eavesdropping and debating about whether the city across the river was Hoboken (Blondie) or Jersey City (me). I lost.

We also found some free binoculars for your viewing pleasure - the kind that normally you have to put a quarter in. I made the pretty bad discovery that if you aimed the binoculars at our building, you could see in windows - you couldn't see in our windows as we are too low and face the other way. BUT, if people by the river can see into any window, that means that buildings that are close to mine can potentially see in our place. No more naked-walking around the apartment I guess. Sigh.

So half my office was in the SF office for work this week. I had big plans to leave a little early most of the week, but those were thwarted. We have 2 big projects coming up, and sure as shit, both of them had major issues this week that we were desperately trying to work through.

On Thurs, late in the evening, my friend suggested heading to a part of Manhattan called Koreatown for (you guessed it) Korean food. A call to Blondie and he caught a cab to meet us. We went for Korean fried chicken - a different kind of KFC! A huge bottle of Soju and a ginormous sampler platter later, we decided that the only appropriate way to end the evening was with fro-yo (thank god it wasn't karaoke).

We walked into the fro-yo place and lo and behold - they have Cap'n Crunch for a topping. OMG. Soooo good! I have an obsession with cereal but try to not buy sugar cereal because I treat sugar cereal boxes like it's my own personal sized box - I literally can eat an entire box of sugar cereal over the course of the day. But I added that Cap'n Crunch to my pomegranate yogurt and it was so good. Drool.

Friday night, Blondie and I trucked off to dinner where I received a text from Sweetie J. She had flown in from SF for the upcoming week and surprised us!!! She's staying in Brooklyn with a friend, but I met up with yesterday in Central Park for some beers on a blanket. I got to meet her friends from the city - she used to live here - and it was perfect temperature for a day in the park. Blondie stayed back and ended up watching the World Cup game, so his day wasn't quite as good as mine.

We have big plans this upcoming week too - we have a shit ton of cleaning to do today, and I need to get a good workout in and a pedicure. Blondie's sis and her husband and baby get into the city tomorrow. They leave Wed morning and we have dinner plans with Sweetie J and some of her friends Wed night. Thurs, Slick and his woman are coming in from Chicago for the weekend. Saturday night, another meetup with Sweetie J and another friend of ours from SF, Dirty Sanchez.

Now I just have to survive this work week! Blah. Maybe I'll make my good workout a jog to the corner store for lottery tickets.


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