Monday, June 07, 2010

Go Flyers in the City of Brotherly Love!

What did we learn this past weekend? Well, we learned that one should not wear a Rangers hat to a city where their hockey team is in the Stanley Cup finals. We DEFINITELY learned that.

We also learned that my entire knowledge base of Philadelphia is based off of the movie "National Treasure". What can I say? I got my masters degree in Math, and my last history class was World History that I took when I was in the 10th grade.

Philadelphia was gorgeous. It has literally been about 20-25 years since I've been there (am I getting old or what?), and I don't remember much other than how hot it was when I was there last. That, and the horrid train ride in from the city my dad camped us in for our vacation. Apparently it's a LOT cheaper to stay outside of the city. Who'd thunk it? ;)

The birth of the US

We did a little bit of everything while there. We started out by getting tickets to tour Independence Hall - the only pre-planning event we had to do. Everything else was walk-up and free (with the exception of the Betsy Ross house - which quite honestly, was boring - my official opinion is "skip it").

We started by touring the US Mint. We weren't allowed to take pictures inside, but the tour was quite interesting. It was kind of cool to see all the coins being made.

The outside of the Mint

After the Mint, we headed to Betsy Ross house - our admission was $3, but it wasn't worth it unfortunately. With the exception of the girl who pretended to be Betsy Ross in one of the rooms, and who had to answer all kinds of questions from the nutter in front of us - it was kind of boring.

Betsy Ross House

Ross house - I like the shadows in this picture

After the Ross house, we headed over to the postoffice that Ben Franklin was postmaster at. That was actually really cool - it was still an active postoffice with this wee little museum on the 2nd floor.

Post Office. And the back of Blondie's head

From the postoffice, it was just a few steps to the underground Ben Franklin museum. They had portraits up of Ben, his wife, and his son - and I got to laughing so hard - it honestly look like they painted Ben, put him in drag to get his wife, and then shrunk his body to get his kid. Seriously, is this a fugly boy or what?

We then hit up the Old City Hall - this was exactly what it sounds like. It kind of reminded me of a library - the smell and the floors I guess are what did it.

Library? Is it just me?

Independence Hall was our next stop. It was at this stop where I realized my "National Treasure" connection to Philly, and also where we realized that we were about the only adults without school-aged kids in tow. Our tour guide was not great, it was seriously like "where you from? Rhode Island? Oh, I went on a fellowship to a school there. Professor X was all kinds of awesome. Have you heard of Professor X?" And Blondie and I were like "W.T.F?"

Independence Hall, aka where Ben Franklin hid his glasses

The room where the Declaration of Independence was written

After Independence Hall, it was time for CHEESESTEAKS! So yummy - we got them from a street meat vendor, and they rocked!

Lunch was taken in a park right across from the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (similar to Arlington, but from George Washington times). We checked out the tomb afterwards - it was quite a beautiful monument, and rather peaceful, until the hordes of 5th graders (wearing their class of 2010 t-shirts????) descended on the park. Yes, let's do it - let's have a whistle blowing contest in the middle of basically a cemetary!

No whistles here

One of the last stops on our tour was to see the Liberty Bell. I enjoyed the murals in the building leading up to the Bell, and then it was cool to see it again. Blondie has the pictures of the front of the bell (with the crack) but he's off to the Land of Cheese (Wisc) for a week so I have to wait until he returns to be able to post that one.

The Back of the Bell

Peace Out Dalai Lama - part of the murals

We were dead tired after all this, so a few beers in a tavern were needed before hopping a regional train to visit our friends who live about an hour north of Philly. They have a gorgeous house in the middle of nowhere, and a set of beautiful twin boys (5 years old) who took a serious liking to Blondie. Our time spent with them was relaxing and peaceful and full of good company (and food and beer).

Long story short (too late!), we'd definitely go back. I think our friends are going to be sorry they extended an invitation to us.



CeCe Savage said...

This trip sounds awesome!

I can't believe all these blogs I'm reading with suppport for the Flyers!! I don't like it, lol. Go Hawks!!!

Kerri&Shaun said...

Hey CeCe - I'm not a Flyers fan believe it or not. I was just mostly embarrassed about wearing my Rangers hat. OMG - someone leaned out of a bus and screamed "Go Flyers!" at me while I was there - so funny!