Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Good Week. No Snow.

The temperature is dropping here in NYC, which means that winter has officially hit. We've had 1 day of snow flurries, but for the most part, it's in the 20's in the morning (with windchill in the teens) and 30's in the evenings. The good thing about it being uber cold in the mornings is that about 4 minutes into my walk to the subway, I'm completely numb. And nothing hurts anymore. A little warmer, and I wouldn't be numb for any of my walk - and it would just be completely miserable.

So our week started out well - we hit up our bar to watch the Jets/Patriots game on Monday. And while the Jets basically rolled over and died, it was still fun getting to hang out with everyone. Our local crew was there, and our bartender was just so funny (die hard Jets fan, Irish, and a cusser - it's an awesome combination). We were up until about 1:30 am Tues morning, just laughing and having a good time.

Tuesday night, I went with some of my coworkers to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. A coworker's mother is on the board, so we got into an exhibit pre-opening. It was open bar and appetizers, and we got to see the exhibit in private without a ton of other people there. It was amazing. The Met is a fantastic space - it's so beautiful and breathtaking. The room that our cocktail reception was in was filled with old greek statues, and the ceiling was entirely windows. Everyone was dressed very nicely, and again, I just got so tickled, that all I could think was "HOLY SHIT! I'm in the Met! In NYC! On a private exhibition showing! OMG. In case I forgot, I LIVE IN NYC!"

Wednesday and Thursday we took it easy. I've been working out hard-core again, but my eating-right mode at night isn't so good - I'm fine during the day, I get in an awesome workout each morning and eat healthy and properly during the day, but as soon as I get home at night (or on the walk home), I start getting out of my mind nuts about food. It's the season I know, and I've said to myself that as long as I keep working out and eating right during the day, I can go crazy at night.

The reason I said all that was that on Wed and Thurs, we ordered in some greasy yummy food each night. And just stayed in and watched TV. It was nice because it's been sooooo cold out!

Friday was my office holiday party - we had a potluck early afternoon, and then headed to the bar for an open bar and white elephant gift swap. I got a good gift - a box of Ghiradelli's and a giftcard to Starbucks. I'm quite happy. After the party ended, I felt like just hanging with Blondie, so I bowed out of the next bar, and stopped on the way home to buy garlic bread and meatballs. I got home that night and we split a bottle of wine and made a huge pot of spaghetti.

Yesterday I went down and ran, and was proud of myself because my speed is back to my old running speed. I was sick for about 9 days over Thanksgiving, and still am not quite over whatever it is, and my running speed had dropped about .2 - I'm normally a 5.5 mph, but it had gone down to 5.3 mph since I started running after the sick. Yesterday, I booked through at 5.7 and 5.5 mph, didn't drop any lower - and felt really really good with myself. It was hard, but I garnered up the willpower and stuck with it. It's the first step in feeling really healthy again.

After the run, I baked a cinnamon cake and we ate on that all day yesterday afternoon - it was a healthier cake in that only egg beaters were reqd to make it (and the cake mix). No extra oil or butter was called for.

Today I did yoga and got all stretchy again. We had our groceries delivered since it's a flood outside right now - the storm front that's dropping all the snow on the midwest is dropping all the rain on us (it's warmer today so it can't snow yet).

This week will be an awesome week - first on deck, VIP tickets to a taping of the Daily Show!!!! That's on Wednesday and I CAN'T WAIT! We also plan to visit our bar, and I have to do a night stint for work this week on Friday. Next week we are off to the midwest (and all that f'ing snow) for the holidays. We are going to stop in Chi-town and visit Slick, before heading up to the Land of Cheese to see Blondie's family.


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