Sunday, December 05, 2010

NYC in the winter

Our Thanksgiving weekend ended as follows: Friday = do absolutely nothing; Saturday = do absolutely nothing; Sunday = do absolutely nothing. It was *lovely*.

I did make it back to the gym - I forced myself down on Friday after Thanksgiving and felt great from the moment I set foot on the treadmill. I just did a walk on Friday, while carrying handweights, and then Saturday I started running again. It went really well - I was suprised simply because to this day, I'm still hacking stuff out of my lungs. But running doesn't seem to make things worse. Which is good because I'm about to start training for my half.

Okay, so last week was pretty low key. We didn't have much going on. I had a late Thursday night for work, but it was fine, because I took Friday off.

We woke up Friday and headed out around 10 am. We went to Rockefeller Center first to scope out the Xmas tree, and all the decorations they have out. It was beautiful. I don't like a real Xmas tree for the most part, I'm pretty much an artificial tree girl, but the Rock Center tree is just something you have to see. After checking out the tree, we braved the Best Buy madness to get Blondie a new router. And then it was back to Times Square for lunch - we had been craving Red Lobster, so we stopped in for some seafood (and biscuits) and beer (and biscuits).

After lunch we headed just a few blocks down to see the King Tut exhibit at the Discovery Exhibition Center. This was amazing. They had set up a museum in the space that discussed King Tut's lineage and life, and then they had a bunch of artifacts from King Tut's tomb. It was pretty crazy to see it all. The exhibit goes out at the end of January, but then at the beginning of March, they are bringing in a Pompeii exhibit - which I'm also uber excited about.

On Saturday we met up with Little Dragon and her hubby to see Billy Elliot on Broadway - a show that blew me out of the water. This wasn't one that was on my list, but I'm so glad we went anyway. The kid that played Billy Elliot was an amazing dancer, which again, leads me into "OH MY GOD, I wish I could dance!" It's pretty pathetic. After our show, we headed for several beers before Blondie and I caught the train to Brooklyn.

Sweetie J is in town for the week, and we went to meet up with her and some of her friends for dinner. It was a great night - full of good company and most excellent food.

Today we've stayed in. I've been working out hardcore again, and today I felt like I needed to stretch so I did my yoga DVD instead of a cardio based exercise. I feel great now - all loosey goosey and relaxed. The only problem is that I think I broke my nose somehow - I have no idea what I did, but my nose is KILLING me. It hurts to breathe, it hurts to have glasses on, everything that involves my nose is bad. It's not black and blue, and it's not swollen, but the bone itself has something seriously wrong with it.

Yay. Oh Yay. :) Okay, I'm off to finish off our Harry Potter marathon. This week is another monster work week, but at least on Friday we have our work Xmas party. I have a private museum exhibition I'm going to on Tuesday, and tomorrow we are off to our bar to watch the Jets/Patriots game.


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