Sunday, December 19, 2010


This deserved it's own post. On Friday night, after our dinner and drinks out with my coworkers, I wanted to head out even more. Blondie talked me out of it, said he wanted to head home. I was a bit bitchy, b/c I really wanted to go out.

We walk into our apartment, and I realize that Blondie has dug out all of our stockings (one for me, him, and one each for our cats). And he had stopped to buy a little Xmas tree - and had put a few decorations on it. It was so beautiful.

On top of that, I had been eyeballing these Xmas Oreo cookies (Oreos with candy cane bits in the creme), and he had picked up a pack of those. So I'm standing there about half crying, really touched that he had done this, when he said "You haven't gotten all your presents", and pointed towards the little tree again.

I realized there is a bag hidden behind the little tree so I head over to it, and HOLY SHIT. Blondie bought me my LOUIS VUITTON bag!

I had been talking and talking and talking about getting myself a LV bag - it's been over a year now, but keep talking myself out of it - we are on a budget, and it's not cheap to live here. And I could not justify pulling the trigger and purchasing my bag.

He called my friend from work, and she tricked me into telling her the bags I was looking at (she said she was buying her mom one for Xmas, and couldn't figure out which one she liked most - and asked which ones I had liked b/c she knew I had done a lot of research). Then she went and met Blondie and the rest is history.

I've spent the weekend petting my purse, being paranoid about someone stealing my purse, and generally wanting to cuddle it. It gets tucked in a dustcover every night so that the cats don't get to it.

Um, I REALLY started bawling after I saw my bag. I LOVE MY HUSBAND.



Geoff and Holly said...

That is AWESOME!!! A LV bag!!!! I am sooo jealous!!! Blondie did real good.

Have a great Christmas!

Kerri&Shaun said...

He did awesome! I'm still treating this bag like its a diamond!

Geoff and Holly said...

I probably wouldn't let anyone touch it if I had one. But I can't complain, I did receive a Jessica Simpson bag that is pretty fabulous.