Tuesday, December 09, 2008


And I'm not a senior. And I'm not leaving my job. And I only have 3 days of vacation for Xmas.

But god. It sure feels like I'm lacking motivation to do much right now (even though I know I'm busting ass at my new job). I think this "lack of motivation" feeling comes from the fact that my new job is so much less frantic than my old job. Without the constant pressure, even though I'm still working my butt off, it feels so much less like a "job". Kind of nice.

So, Yours Truly had a bit of a drinking fit on Friday night. From many bottles of wine with Party C, to tossing back a few beers with Blondie before dinner with Shelbs and Bbbb (and more bottles of wine), and then bar hopping until 1 am, it was a green Saturday. I believe I laid curled in a ball on horizontal surfaces for most of the day.

On Sunday, Blondie and I got our errands out of the way, and then had a depressing day as both the Packers and the Jets lost. Sigh.

Tomorrow I'll be working from home, and Blondie and I are going to have a date-evening. We are off to see "Milk" at the Castro Theater, and then to dinner at Anchor afterwards! Woot! Dungy's are going to be mine!

Blondie and I are headed to the Land of Cheese for Xmas this year. I'm looking forward to the trip. I hope *cough cough* Mama G makes me some peanut butter balls *cough*. Maybe Blondie *cough* can drop a hint too *cough*.

And then in January or February, after Mrs Pooh gives birth and has gotten settled, we are off to the Land of Whiskey, Tobacco and Horses, to meet the Cutest Kid in the World, v4.0.

Of course, when I win the lottery on Friday, then Blondie and I can just start making trips to wherever we want, whenever we want, for how long we want to. But until then...

--Ready to go home for the day.

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