Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tis the season... of parties...

I'm an awful sick person - I hate being sick, and I get real weepy and demanding when I feel bad. Trust me, it's BAD (ask Blondie). Having said that, I've been down and out for the past week. Suffering one of the most massive colds ever. I thought it was just sinus, and then it turned into awful coughing/sore throat. The past week has been *so much fun* for all who have come in contact with me. Ugh. Happy Holidays! :)

So last Wed (the day the problems started), Blondie and I hit up the 'Stro to see the movie Milk at the Castro Theater, and then to head for Dungenes crab legs after. Milk was an incredible movie, and Sean Penn should win an Oscar for that. It was cool to watch, b/c they filmed a lot of the scenes actually in the Castro and of course, that's where most of the movie took place also. After dinner and movie, we met up with Party C at the Bar in the Hood and hung out until pretty late. Then it was time to head home and shoot darts for an hour, while drinking some more.

Thurs I woke up in full misery, but still managed to drag myself to work. My nose wouldn't stop running, and I rubbed my face raw from blowing my nose so much. And I had a headache that wouldn't quit, so I only lasted about 4 hours before heading home.

Friday I basically called in sick. I laid on the couch for most of the day miserable (again, Blondie can tell you how much *fun* this is). But then it was time for Party with the Peeps, and then Ms HK's 30th. We hit Party with the Peeps for a bit, and Blondie got to meet all of my cool coworkers, and then headed into the TLoin for some Karaoke and more beer. I was home by midnight, but Blondie came strolling in around 2:30 am.

Saturday and Sunday found us not moving from the couches.

Monday found me calling in sick again to work, b/c it had progressed into horrible coughing fits at that point.

I finally made it to work on Tues, and then met my girlfriends for Girl's Holiday Dinner followed by frosty beverages in the NV. I was home early, but then worked until almost 3:30 am on Wed morning trying to catch up from being out so much.

And that work was worth it, b/c yesterday I finished up a major project that I had been assigned. The work wasn't officially due until mid-Jan, but I had been whispered to that the sooner I could get it done, the better. So I got it done. And now I can take a Xmas vacation and not freak out about what's left for when I come back.

Today is my office Xmas party. We leave in a couple of hours. I'm pretty lucky, b/c I love my new position at the company, I love the people I work with, and my company is still throwing us a Xmas party even with the bad economy.

And tomorrow my new boss is having everyone to his house mid-afternoon for the "Hair of the Dog" party.

I plan on crashing and sleeping for 4 days (between being sick and all the parties, I'm exhausted) before heading to the Land of Cheese for the holiday season.

Aren't I a ball of fun? You know it, yeah, you know it.


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