Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Talk to you next year...

Highlights of 2008:
1) Promoted to Senior at my job, along with a nice pay raise.
2) Accepted different position at my company, which I *adore*!!! My work has stopped feeling like work!
3) Ran another half-marathon.
4) Made it to Spokane, Vegas, Sedona, Chicago, Lex, and Fondy.
5) Blondie has an awesome idea for a website that he has been busting his ass on - can't WAIT for people to get to see it.
6) Made an aunt x3 for me, uncle x3 for Blondie.
7) Received notification that we will be x4 for nieces this year!!!! C'mon Sam... we want to meet you.

Plans for 2009:
1) Run a 5K in under 30 minutes - Blondie of course has done this many many times over, but this would be important to me.
2) Back to KY in Feb to meet TCKITW v4.0
3) VEGAS!!!!
4) Launch of Blondie's website.
5) Tahoe!!! Blondie will be working on perfecting his snowboarding skills the first weekend in Feb.
6) Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to visit Memphis and meet baby Ali!!! WC - watch out. We are coming.
7) And whatever else life may throw at us this year, we are ready for it. Bring. It. On!

--K and S

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