Monday, December 01, 2008

Vacation Rulz!

Hope everyone had a great T-Day! A big shout out to Mr Pooh who finished his 5K in under 30 minutes, which is HUGE! We are so proud of you Mr Pooh, you are a true inspiration!

Blondie and Party C ended up doing the 5 mile Turkey Trot on T-day, while I did the 3 mile Turkey Trot. We were all extremely happy with our times, and also happy we got some activity in prior to EATING. ALL. DAY. LONG.

After the Turkey Trot, Party C came up and helped me assemble an apple pie, and then Blondie and I headed over to Sweetie J's for some awesome cooking!

I've been thinking about eating meat again, so at Sweetie J's, I ate 5 bites of turkey, and then spent the entire morning the next day doubled over with stabbing pains in my gut. So yeah, I'm not thinking about eating meat again. At this moment in time.

After the stomach thing cleared up on Friday, I met Sweetie J and Party C for a movie and some drinks. We saw 4 Christmases, and while they really liked it, I found it depressing. But the company rocked, and that's what matters.

Saturday I met PC early in the CV and we got some sandwiches and movies, and proceeded back to the apartment to literally not move for the next 12 hours. Sweetie J joined us later in the evening, but other than that, it was a day of chick flicks, food, and beer. Perfection.

And on Sunday, Blondie "forced" (put a gun to my head, I swear!) me to go workout. I hit Kezar Stadium while he ran in GG Park. I ended up going around the stadium track about 8 times, and ran up and down the bleacher steps for each side. I can't feel my calves today.

Headed back to work today and the new job is such a nice change from my old job. I still feel rushed, but in no way do I feel franctic which is always how I felt in the old job. I hope that makes sense. I'm still really busy, but it's for my own projects, and not due to someone else screwing something up (only if I screw something up). It kind of rocks.

Blondie is really busy also, working on his fabo-idea. Can't wait for everyone to get to peep it!


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