Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Catch Up

Sorry for the delay between posts. I'd list some excuses but I honestly have none. I'm just feeling lazy lately.

Sooooo.... here's what has been happening. Last week on Wednesday night, I went with my 2 best girlfriends from work to see the Yankees play. We ended up totally ignoring our seats (nosebleed section) and just hanging out drinking some beers and periodically watching the game. It ended up being a good thing - where we were standing was covered by an overhang, and about 3 innings into the game, a huge rainstorm blew through. We had the ideal watching spot.

The rainstorm was awesome. It's been a long time since I've gotten to experience something like that. San Francisco was straight up Fog City, and in Texas, if you were getting rain, you were probably also getting thunder and lightning. Our rain delay ended up being a 2 hour one, but we stayed through. Probably because we didn't stop drinking and talking. We ended up leaving in the 6th inning, and only because when we went down to the lowest section to sit down, we got busted. Even though there were about 3 people total left in the stadium, they wouldn't let us sit down below. I understand that rules are rules and all, but seriously, my friends are totally cute and they couldn't even talk their way past the security guard.

On Friday last week, we got notification that a project I have put a shit-ton of time and effort into will not be launching. It was a bit of a sad day - not only was I excited to see this project through the finish line, I gave up several summer Fridays for it also, and the amount of work I put into graphs and charts and spreadsheets surrounding this - well, that alone should've made this thing go. Due to the news, I called Blondie on my way home from work and he agreed to meet me at the bar.

We ended up bar hopping our way around our hood (there are 7 bars in a 1 block radius, we hit up most of them), enjoying beverages and food at about every single joint. The good thing here is that there has been a bar that I've been wanting to try since we moved in - from the outside it looks like it should be filled with cigarette smoke, old men with long beards, low ceilings, florescent lighting, and very old carpet. I was uber excited to go in, but it was so weird - the inside was *gorgeous*. It blew my mind - I'd put something in here about "Don't judge a book by it's cover", but I'm not feeling very deep today.

The good news about this bar is that they also run drink specials when NYC teams play - Mets, Jets, Giants, Yankees - $30 all-you-can-drink drafts for the duration of the game. Holy. Shit. People. I'm. In. Love.

Saturday was a "OMG what did I do last night" day. I went down for a long run, and ended up only getting a little over 2 miles before my body was like "okay, you're done". I decided to listen to it - only because I go balls out every day working out - I needed a low-key day. After my run, I lifted weights and did some core work before calling it quits.

We did our grocery shopping afterwards, and it got me excited for fall because of the vegetables that are coming into season. Blondie picked out 2 beautiful beets and we've been enjoying those this week. Okay, so Saturday night, Blondie comes strolling out of the kitchen with a beer, and then it was all bets off. We ended up watching the movie Blow off of Netflix (I love Johnny Depp) and getting a little boozed up - a really great date-night in my mind!

Sunday was spent doing nothing but working out and watching football. I got a much better workout in on Sunday than I did Saturday, and then hit the deck and watched the Vikings and Cowboys win (boo! suck!).

Monday was our not-real anniversary. Due to a mix-up with our paperwork 7 years ago, we weren't officially married on 9/27. But it's still the date we celebrate, as opposed to the real anniversary in 1.5 weeks. We met up at our local steakhouse and split some asparagus, mashed potatos, and mushrooms - we each got our own steak and just enjoyed chatting and watching the rain come down (we were supposed to be at a Mets game for our day but it got rained out). After our steak meal, we stopped for a doughnut before heading home to watch the Packers lose (boo! suck!)

Not a lot of plans this week - a lot of cleaning to do before the lovely duo of Bbbb and Shelbs hit town on Saturday. Very very excited to see them!

Hope everyone is well.


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