Sunday, September 19, 2010

Here comes the fall... and the tornados

The weather has certainly taken a turn towards fall here in NYC. It seemed we went from high 90's with high humidity to mid 70's with no humidity, in the space of 3 days. There was no in between. I even asked some coworkers to make sure I didn't like, you know, miss 3 weeks of weather in the 80's. But I haven't. Apparently this is typical. Oh yay. It's time for winter again.

And, BTW, I hate winter.

Okay, so on top of the chilly weather, we've also had a spate of rain. Like 3 weeks of it. It's rainy or cloudy every single day. And on Thurs this past week, we had a *massive* storm roll through, and with it, 2 tornados. Queens and Brooklyn were wiped out, but we were lucky since we live in Manhattan. I spent Thurs evening, about 20 minutes, watching the storm out my window at work - it was intense. I haven't seen anything like it in 4 years. The sky went super dark, and then it lit up bright white and the rain came in sideways it was blowing so hard. It lasted about 25 minutes, and it was over as fast as it started.

The rest of the week was good other than the weather. On Wednesday, we said goodbye to one of my favorite coworkers. We did it up in style, and met up for Korean Fried Chicken and Soju one last time. A pitcher of soju turned into, um well, a lot of soju. And beer. And then Blondie and I decided we didn't want to go home so we ended up the bar until about 1 am. Thursday was suckity suck balls. But we had a blast.

On Friday, I went with a friend to a korean marketplace a friend of mine had told me about. It was like heaven on earth. They had so much good shit - I picked up some marinated short ribs and ribeye, some spicy noodles and some pot stickers. I talked myself out of the srirachi peas, still not sure how I did it - but if I would've bought them, I would've eaten them all. In about 5 minutes.

I walked home from K-town that night, and just appreciated living in the city. Blondie and I cooked up the ribeye for dinner, and we have our short ribs for tonight now.

Yesterday I got up and headed down for a run on the treadmill. I decided it was time to up my mileage so I plugged in 5 miles for my goal - and it rocked. I felt great for the most part, and finished in a pretty good time. I was pretty giddy afterwards - my runner's high was off the charts and I drove Blondie bat shit crazy b/c I couldn't stop chattering away. That's my favorite part about running - to be honest, I hate running but I love the runner's high afterwards.

After the run, we headed out to the first annual OKTOBERFEST on the Hudson! That's right folks - it's time for my favorite holiday. We met up with some friends of ours, people watched the day away and enjoyed some kick ass beers and brats. Although I have to say, Blondie makes a mean brat and his brats have it all over the brats at the fest. After the fest, we headed to our local bar for a few more beers before heading down to a mexican "restaurant" I had been wanting to try. By "restaurant", I mean a grocery store with about 3 tables in it - but the food ROCKED. OMG. It was so good. I had chorizo and potatos, and Blondie had carnitas with cactus. We couldn't stop eating off each other's plates the food was so good. And the salsa was killer hot - I kept saying "is this shit really hot?" and Blondie was all like "nah, it's all good". We were pretty blotto at that point, so I have no idea if the salsa was that hot or if I was just being an idiot.

Luckily I didn't try to speak Spanish to anyone. Also, the people at the restaurant were so nice. We were picking up some coconut water afterwards and she told us to try a different brand b/c it was much better. We also got some chorizo to cook at home and Blondie tried a mexican dessert which pretty much tasted like easter candy. Which I love. We will be back to that place.

This morning I woke up hung.over. I waited about an hour to make sure my system was done revolting before putting in 1+ hours working out. I got all the leftover booze out of my system and feel much better. We had our groceries delivered today (lazy lazy lazy) and are set for the week.

Now for some football.


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