Monday, September 06, 2010

Killing Bill, drinking Bailey's

What a perfect week... I'll start with that. I got some good news at work this past week - I won't fill in details, but just say that it does involve both my boss and my coworkers showing that they are impressed with how I'm doing.

On Thursday, I headed to my eye doctor's appt - it was my first one in 4 years, but I hadn't been going since my eyesight hasn't changed at all. My eye doctor confirmed it - if anything, he said my eyes have gotten a slight bit stronger. But the bad thing is that I have inflamed corneas, and he wants me to stop wearing my contacts to let my eyes heal. I can't do that - I work out everyday and I sweat like crazy too - if I had on glasses, they would just slide down my face. But I have committed to changing my contacts monthly, and taking my contacts out as soon as I can at night.

After my eye doctor, I swung by my pedicure place since it was still early evening. Got a bright pink pedi, which is pretty cool - it's like watermelon or something. It's such a good color that one of the girls sitting beside me asked me what color it was, and what bottle I had used, because she wanted to use the same color.

So now it's Friday - 1 pm rolls around, and I get out on time (le sigh, last one). I met up with Blondie at a new bar in our hood that we've been wanting to try. We had seen it being worked on/constructed for a few months, and since the name of it (The Pourhouse) was the exact same name as one of our fav bars in TX, we decided to give it a whirl. We weren't expecting much as they had only been open about 2 weeks, but it turned out super freaking awesome. They had great drink specials, and the food was typical bar food but turned up about 5 notches. We stayed for a few beers, before heading down to Rudy's for a cheap pitcher.

What is it about Rudy's that attracts drunks to me and Blondie? Of course since Rudy's is super freaking cheap, it gets the drunks. But how do those drunks end up right by us every single time? We actually watched cops come in and tell the bartender to stop serving someone because he was so trashed, and then a second guy comes stumbling up beside me and asked the bartender if they sold near beer which made me about pee myself laughing.

After our pitcher, we took off to the cheap grocery to get our shopping done - smartest decision we made that day. For dinner on Friday, Blondie grilled up some kielbasa and onions. SO GOOD! Friday night was interesting - at about 9:30 pm, we heard this monster crash from somewhere in our apartment. The cats flipped out, we flipped out - it was unnerving. It turned out that the racks in our closet fell out of the wall and everything came tumbling down. Once we figured out what had happened, we got to laughing, but before that, it was just "WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED?!?!?"

So Saturday rolls around, and I felt so lazy. Couldn't decide if I wanted to work out or not - finally decided I needed to - so decided to work out in the apartment. Just as I was putting on my sneakers, our doorbell rang - it was maintenance there to fix the racks. So I drug my tired ass body down to the gym instead and ended up doing 4 mile run. That was it though - my body hit a wall and I didn't want to hurt myself, so I didn't lift any weights.

After the gym, I went back up and "helped" Blondie put all of our stuff back on the racks. By helped, I mean, I got a shower, ate breakfast, poked a few boxes around, and then collapsed on the floor. He loves me, let me tell you.

Saturday afternoon, we took a 2 mile walk (on top of the 4 mile run) down to Chelsea to check out High Line Park - it's an old elevated rail line that the city has converted into a beautiful park. It was gorgeous - so beautiful. Also, completely crammed full of people. We walked through the park, and then headed over to this fish and chips place a friend of mine had told me about - A Salt and Battery. OMG - it was some of the best fish I've eaten, although the chips were awful. I had cod and Blondie had pollock. I was covered in grease, vinegar and ketchup when through.

Yesterday was the textbook definition of Sunday Funday. We did our workouts and then headed up to Brazilian Fest on 6th Ave. We only stayed for a little bit, long enough to split a sausage and drink some lemonade, before heading back to the Pourhouse bar (from Friday) for some pitchers. We split some chicken wings - some of the best wings I've had - and 2 pitchers. Just as we were about to head on out, our bartender bought us some shots. I had tequila, Blondie had a Jaeger bomb. Then of course we needed another pitcher. And some mozarella sticks. And then we struck up a conversation with the 2 guys sitting beside us - I apparently renamed them at some point, and went back and forth between their "nicknames" and their real names all afternoon.

After all 4 of us were good and drunksie (like really drunksie), I decided I needed doughnuts, and they decided to go find their girlfriends (who were wandering around Brazilian Fest). Blondie and I started back to our house, but then I had a brilliant idea for tacos, so we hit up our little taco stand. I decided I absolutely can speak spanish, so ordered everything that way - I'm so embarrassed today - it was literally like "Uno carnita y uno chorize con papas y...." you get the picture. After our tacos, we got our doughnuts, and then we came home - where apparently I went straight to bed - at 5:30 pm. I don't remember any of it at all - I just know I rolled over at 7:18 am this morning and felt 100% great. I run on sleep deprivation most of the time, some kind of sleep disorder that I've never figured out - so last night was exactly what my body needed.

Today I did a workout again, and then Blondie and I made some eggs and coffee with Bailey's for breakfast. Now we've got Kill Bill Vol 1 in, and the patio door is open to let in some gorgeous NYC weather right now. We have no other plans, and I'm super excited to not move the rest of the day.

Hope everyone is doing well, and enjoying a labor-free Labor Day.


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