Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Last of the summer Fridays

We're coming up on the very last summer Friday of the year. OMG. It's going to be awful. That first full Friday back feels like it takes 25000 hours to complete. I know, it's a pity party at my house and everyone is invited. I'm so whiny about this aren't I? Instead of enjoying 12 weeks of half-day Fridays, I'm focused on going back to what most everyone else does every week.

Okay, enough about summer Fridays.

We made our trek back to the Land of Cheese last week - we took off on Monday night, delayed due to rain in the NYC area. Landed late, and got our rental car for the hour drive to Blondie's hometown. We got to enjoy some quiet time with some of Blondie's family when we finally hit his area - his sister and her family, and his mom and dad.

Tuesday we got up and headed out for a run - I run all the time on a treadmill, and my first trek outside in several months was this day. I was slow, but still pushed through - the humidity was pretty bad, but the weather was slightly cooler than expected so that was nice. After our run, we headed over to Blondie's brother's house to meet their new baby girl. The same day that Blondie's grandma passed away, Blondie got a new niece also. Tuesday night was the wake, and while it was good getting to see Blondie's extended family, the reason we were there was no bueno.

Wednesday we went for another run, before heading over to the funeral. Blondie was a pallbearer, and I'm glad he got to do that for his grandma. After the funeral, we headed over for a buffet lunch with everyone - this was the best part of the day. We all sat around eating, chatting, drinking some beers, etc.

But no rest for the weary - as soon as lunch was done we were in the car headed back to the airport, where we were delayed once again, finally landing in NYC very late Wed night. We headed back to our apartment, repacked, took care of our shithead cats, and turned around 3 hours later to catch a flight to KY.

My family picked us up about an hour north of the city they live in, and we headed up a little further to get my uncle from a private airport (he has his own small plane and a pilot's license - he lives in Pennsylvania but flew in for the day) before heading to Kings Island for the day! It was a blast, even on 3 hours of sleep. We rode every single ride, drank some beers, downed some steak fries, and convinced my mom and sister to ride a water ride with us.

We got back to my parent's house late Thurs night, and fell straight into bed. Friday I was up and at em early - met Mr Pooh for a long run. He got me running pretty fast, so my timing was really good this time. Then it was back to his house for some more workout, before meeting up with everyone for lunch. Afterwards, what we do best - drinking, and card games. OMG - so much fun.

Around 5 pm, we headed out for happy hour and to meet up with my BFF in the whole wide world (squee!) and her man for a visit. The planned 1.5 hour HH turned into 4 hours of debauchery, before we ended up back at my sister's inhaling pizza and playing some dance game on her Wii. I about peed myself laughing at certain points.

Saturday was another day to go go go - we again met for lunch before heading back to Mr Poohs to play cards and drink again. We did a cookout on Saturday night, and I got to show TCKITW v4.0 some of my tats - she was fascinated by them. 1.5 years old and I think I've already convinced her to get one eventually.

I do have some pics of TCKITW and TCKITW v4.0, just need to download them. But it will happen and we can all breathe in the cuteness that are the 2 nieces.

Okay, so back to NYC on Sunday where I laid in a ball all day and poked my fat belly while complaining about how much I ate over the past 3 days. No amount of running counteracted what I did to myself.

Monday I felt drugged at work - it was all I could do to get through the day, and it's just today that I finally feel okay - but that might be due to the coffee I had this morning also.

Tomorrow I have an eye doctor's appt to take care of - I ripped one of my last set of contacts in KY, and can't stand wearing glasses everyday. And then Friday, I'm out the door as soon as that clock hits 1 pm. SUMMER FRIDAY! Blondie and I are going to meet for some lunch and beer. We are still trying to figure out what to do the rest of the weekend... Wicked? Avenue Q? Met? MOMA? Shake Shack? South Side Seaport?

So many choices, so little time...

Sorry for the delay in posts - last week took a lot out of both of us, and I wanted some time to decompress before filling everyone in.

Happy Almost Labor Day!


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