Monday, January 02, 2012

Happy Holidays!

San Francisco was an okay trip. I flew out on Sunday morning and everything went well - no delays, no headwinds, etc. I got to my hotel without traffic, and proceeded down to the gym to do a workout. It was horrendous. I did 6 minutes of running, hit a wall (seriously - 6 mins and I hit a wall), then did 16 minutes on the bike. And then threw in the towel. I drug myself to Walgreens afterwards and bought some pretzels, and chowed down on those while watching TV in the afternoon. Then I got to meet up with my good friend KT! I took the train out to my old hood, and met her for nachos and margaritas for apps, before we headed to Vietnamese for soup and noodles. It was really nice getting to see her and catch up on her life.

Monday, true to form, my stomach revolted. When it finally settled down, I went to the gym and did 3.1 miles on the treadmill, before getting ready for work. Work sucked. I wasn't happy that I had to be there (the week before Xmas), and I hate the project I'm currently on. So yeah, not a happy camper. The good parts on Monday though were meeting up with CChu for lunch and shopping, before heading back to Sunset for dinner and many drinks with Shelbs and Bbbb! They had just closed on their house, so I got to take a look at the outside of it, before we broke in a bar in their new neighborhood.

Tuesday, again, stomach problems - and another run on the treadmill after. Lunch was with an old coworker of mine - we used to be on the same team, but have now switched teams a billion times since then. We then hit up the Macys store for awhile before heading back to the office. I managed to triple book myself on Tues night for plans, so had to skip one set of plans. But I did make it out for drinks with an old group I used to hang out with, before meeting up with the team that I worked with last year for drinks and dinner. Afterwards, on a whim, I stopped by a bar that I know a lot of the office hangs out at, and lo and behold, ran into my old buddy KevB who quit the company last January. I got to laughing when I saw him, and we blew away several hours drinking whiskey and catching up on each other's lives.

Wednesday I couldn't handle the stomach thing, it just wouldn't stop. So I blew off my workout (and didn't workout again until today - yay for holidays). Drug my body into work, before heading out to lunch with the team that I'm currently on (finishing up in January - not my crappy project). Then I met up with someone on my crappy project for many drinks, before calling it quits for the day and heading up to Chinatown to meet up with the sistersC and Sweetie J. We ended up in the Richmond, eating Korean, and having a blast.

And Thurs, yay, that was it. I went to lunch with CChu again before heading out to a team outing (the project I was on over the summer had a party) at a bowling alley. Many beers later, and I was done. I picked up my bag and went to the Castro to meet up with OP and another friend of mine. We had a crazy good dinner (holla Brussel Sprouts!) before we stopped in at Lucky 13 (a fav of Blondie and me when we lived there). A tall boy PBR later, I caught a cab to the airport and flew home to see Blondie.

The flight went on time, and except for the row of friends beside me who got so drunk that one of them actually lost his shoelace (?!???!?!) and had to call the flight attendant to help find it (?!?!??!?!), it was a good trip home. I slept a lot on Friday, but managed to rally and we hit up our bar to see our bartender. Saturday, we pissed around most of the day, but did eat at McDonald's for lunch. Around 5 pm, we headed up several flights in our bldg to hang out with friends for Xmas Eve.

Xmas day, we cleaned our place for a bit, before heading back up to our friends apartment for lunch/drinks/etc. They have a crazy good view (better than ours) and we just enjoyed not travelling for Xmas, being with each other, and celebrating our life in the city. I also pulled a "pass out at 7 pm on their couch" move, which is awesome. Blondie was happy that day also b/c the Packers won, which gave them their home-field advantage for Super Bowl.

Monday, I had off and we decided to hit up a bar of ours for lunch. Literally, that place is poison b/c we *always* end up drunk. Even when Mr Pooh visited, him and Blondie stopped in for lunch and were still there 5 hours later when I showed up. So many shots and beers later, we went to see the new Mission Impossible - SOOOO GOOD. You have to see this! I'm a big fan of the Mission Impossible movies to begin with, but this one blew them all away.

Tues-Thurs it was back at work, but it was nice b/c we were given permission to leave early each day. I did work a full day on Tues, but then Wed, I was out early, and Thurs, a bunch of my friends and I headed to the bar early. My BFF from work and I decided to walk to Grand Central after the bar on Thurs, and we must've spent an hour running around in there - buying tons of food, and checking out the "whisper station" in front of the Oyster Bar (the roof curves and you stand on opposite sides of the hall and whisper into the corner, and the person on the other side hears you like you are standing right beside them). After we got done in Grand Central, I walked back over and met up with Blondie at our bar for many beers and making plans for NYE.

Friday I was a mess, but luckily it was a half day. Blondie met me for lunch at my fav mexican restaurant before we ran some errands. It was back home to collapse for a nap, and then our bar friends called so we went back to the bar and met up with them. It was an early night though b/c we were up and at 'em early on Saturday. We caught a 1:45 pm bus out to the middle of New Jersey to hangout with our bartender and his friends for NYE. It was a blast - many drinks, a ton of food, solid laughter, just a great time.

Sunday was a mess though - we all spent the night at our bartender's house, and then we hit up his local bar for drinks bright and early Sunday morning. We finally made it back to the city around 2 pm, and immediately showered and headed back out to meet up with our bar friends at the "poison bar", where sure enough, all of us got hammered. I love our waiter there - he ROCKS. It was back home to pass out for the night.

Today I woke up at 9 am and went back to bed at 10 am and got up at 1 pm. I finally started working out around 2:30 pm and feel much better now - I did an Insanity disc and a Wii cardio disc. It's back to eating right tomorrow, but for today, I'm going to finish off the rest of the crap in the house. Blondie is gearing up to watch Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl, and a pizza is on it's way.

Happy Holidays everyone!


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