Sunday, January 15, 2012

It got cold

It's been a good few weeks. Which is a nice change. I normally loathe January and February (with February being the worst month for me). It's the dark in the morning, and the night. It's the temperatures. It's everything about the months. Boo. Hoo.

New Years week was fast - which was nice. Only 4 days of work of course, and that makes me happy. I worked out on Monday and Thurs of NY week. I'm having the worst time getting up in the mornings right now, due in a large part to not sleeping through the nights. I'm not an insomniac, but I can't stay asleep at nights. I'm up and down 20 times a night for various reasons. It's particularly bad right now because Max is fully blind now, and he howls all night long. Loudly. The only thing that seems to help is if I get up and get him some milk - usually after his milk, he can fall asleep for awhile. So anyway, the howling is contributing to my lack of sleep.

Due to my exhaustion, and coming off of hard core drinking over NYE, we took the NY week pretty easy. The only thing we did do was hit up our bar for drinks and dinner one night, and got caught up with our bar friends.

Last weekend, I worked out both days - I did the Max Cardio and Max Plyo discs from Insanity set. They are my least favorites. They take everything out of me - I'm left as a shaky blob after I'm done with those discs.

Last Sunday, I went into an emotional tailspin. It was ridic. I was sitting here watching TV, and craving gummy bears. So I decided to go get some, and Blondie decided to walk with me. As I was putting on my coat, my mood just sunk. Fast. I had a moment where I realized that everything is always going to be the same - I'm always going to be too fat for my height, I'm always going to want way too many gummy bears, I'm always going to have a job I hate that I have to go to everyday, I'm always going to hate Sunday nights because that means Monday mornings, etc (1st world problems anyone?). All that started spinning around in my head, and I couldn't cope (could you guess I'm almost 40?) I bawled my head off for about 15 minutes, and then put myself to bed. At 6 pm. I fell asleep almost immediately, and it was like being in a coma. Blondie tried to wake me up for dinner, and I couldn't pull myself out of sleep. I slept 14 hours that night, waking up at 8 am on Monday, and honestly, could've slept easily for 8 more hours.

The sleeping didn't help my mood at all, I was still in the same emotional spot when I woke up. Monday at work was a long day - I had a ton of stuff to do, and didn't get out of work until after 8 pm. Around 7 pm, Blondie texted and said he was off to the bar - my good news for that day was that our bar friend went "legal". His work visa came through, so now he can start job searching (he's ecstatic). I met up with the group around 9 pm at the bar, chugged a couple of double scotches, and then we did a shot of bourbon to celebrate the visa.

I worked pretty late all week, except Thursday. And that's because on Thursday, I was at work at 6 am. The last project of my program from last year launched, and I've not been so excited about a work thing since last August, when the major piece of the program launched. The launch went super smooth, and my project looks fantastic. I left work around 3:30 pm (after literally sitting in my office blabbing to my friends for the last 1.5 hours of the day), and met Blondie to celebrate at our poison bar. After the poison bar, we took off to our regular bar, bought everyone some shots, and then stopped to pick up greasy chinese food for dinner.

I went into work on Friday seriously hung over. And had to work my ass off all day long - no break. I got out of work around 7 pm, but it was okay, because my day ended on 2 really high notes (2 good things happened between 5:45 and 7 pm that made the 7 pm end time okay).

Yesterday we lazed around, before meeting up with our bar friends and our building friends at our local bar. We had many beers, before heading out for Ethiopian and a couple of bottles of wine. Afterwards, it was back to our building to hangout at our building friends apartment, drink a lot more wine, and play Just Dance on the Kinect.

Today, it's like -12 degrees outside. We scrapped our plans for the day (which honestly was just to drink heavily anyway) and I'm now just lazing around, eating gummy bears (does this surprise anyone?) and trying to rehydrate from yday's binge.

Tomorrow starts half marathon training officially - I'm signed up for a women's only half in April in Central Park with my PA friend. I printed my schedule out today, and immediately just sighed. I'm so tired right now, all the time, and just looking at the miles (which really are not a lot at all) makes me mentally burned out. I don't think I can beat my half marathon time from last year, simply b/c this half is in Central Park which is rolling hills (half marathon last year was pretty flat for the most part). I do intend to run outdoor training runs a lot more than I did last year, so maybe that will help.

Also, I've officially accepted a new job at my company (yet again - 5 job changes in 5 years, the resume of someone who can't settle down). I start that role on 3/1, so I still have to finish up the program I'm on. But at least there's an end in sight from this role I'm in now - hate. hate. hate. I'll have a new boss in the new role, and a senior/manager title, and will maintain bonuses, etc. So it's all good.

Okay, off to cheer on the Ravens. Or the Texans. I like them both, so I'm not going to decide. But FOR CERTAIN the Packers. However, if the Packers lose, then I will cheer the Giants to the bitter end. But really, the Packers. GO PACK!


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