Sunday, January 22, 2012

Kicked some ass, took some names, goaled

What. A. Week. PHEW. I am tiiiiiiired right now. It's a good tired though, not the tired that comes with lazing around all day, but the tired that comes with being on the go for the week.

So last Sunday brought the unthinkable as the Packers rolled over and let the Giants win. It was not a good afternoon in our house. The only bright spot (and Blondie sure as sh*t doesn't see it this way) is that if the Giants win the Super Bowl, we can go to a ticker tape parade! So I'm trying to focus on that. Blondie is focusing on forgetting football is still on.

A lot of people had this past Monday off for MLK day. I was not one of those people. However, it was really nice. Some of my office had taken vacation, so it was pretty quiet. And also, the subway was dead that day due to it being a holiday. I got texted around 4:30 pm that my bar friends were headed to the bar in the evening. I called Blondie and he didn't want to go out, so I went over by myself after work. I only intended to stay for a few, but ended up there for almost 4 hours. Blondie was asleep when I got home, so I ate a subway sandwich and watched some of my TV shows that Blondie hates (Glee, RHOBH, etc).

Tuesday was an okay day at work - the days are running together right now as my shitty project is gearing up for launch in February. The thing that stands out about Tuesday was that it launched the final bit of my good project (last year's, year-long, project) for my old division. I cheered that on, and then cleaned my whiteboard (which had everyone's names, dates of releases, what we were releasing when, etc). While I was doing a bit of a cheer on Tuesday, my 2 BFFs from work came by and wanted to grab drinks after work. I decided to go, and that ended up being a late night, but a fun one, as the bar had a singer with a guitar and we decided to "help" him with his vocals (i.e. sing along, loudly).

Wednesday was off to dinner with the girls - we headed down to East Village to go to Apiary, and it was so good. I had a steak and creamed spinach (I'm having a slight spinach obsession right now - steamed, creamed, sauteed, raw - can't get enough), and split a few bottles of champagne with a friend. It was so good getting to see the crew as most of them have moved on to different companies, and getting caught up on their lives.

Thursday was yet another drunken function - we are in the process right of switching CMS tools for my company, and on Thursday they brought down the old one and we now freeze for 3 weeks while we transition. Everyone that worked on the old system was ecstatic, so we headed out for many drinks to celebrate. Afterwards, a friend of mine and I headed back to my hood and met up with Blondie for a few more drinks. Ugh.

Friday I was hungover. And hurting. And not sure how I didn't get sick. But it was okay b/c I had the day off! I had 2 vacation days left and have to use them by February or I lose them. So I took a long weekend, and will have another one this week. I recovered during the morning on Friday, and then Blondie and I went to lunch for Mexican. We stopped on the way home and bought some beers, and junk food, and came back and crashed.

But not for long. Because folks, I had agreed to play with an indoor soccer team on Friday night with my bar friends in Murray Hill area. It's been 20 years (I was 17 when I played my last game, now I'm 37) since I had played, and I was nervous. Luckily, the other team never showed, but we got to play for an hour just against each other for fun. I had a blast - I worked up a horrid sweat, had my heart rate blasted, and just had fun kicking the ball around. AND I SCORED. Against a really good goalie! The ref who was supposed to ref our game decided to play with us, and he was really good. Really really good.

Afterwards, my bar friends, Blondie and I headed back to our hood to hit up our bar for some drinks and dinner, before Blondie and I headed home for drinks on our own and to watch Hangover 2. I'm an achy wreck right now - can't believe how sore I am from one soccer game. I'm thinking about joining up with the team - but for now can just drop in as I want. I never thought I'd play soccer again, as I didn't have the best time playing it growing up, but I'm so glad I bit the bullet and did it.

Yesterday we woke up to a beautiful snow happening. The streets were coated and it was just so quiet and peaceful. It snowed most of the day, and Blondie and I just stayed in and watched TV. Today I headed out to run an errand, and now we're watching the football game (go Ravens! VU - if you read this, it's nothing against the Patriots, but I'd like to see the Ravens win). I'm heading out soon to meet my bar friends for the Giants / 49'ers game (oh man, I would love to see a ticker tape parade, but I'd also love to see my old city go to the Super Bowl).

Tomorrow officially starts half-marathon training. I thought it started last week, but when I matched up my training calendar, with the actual calendar, I realized I was off a week. I'm just dreading this. After I do this race, I'm just going to throw in the towel for running. I don't mind 5K's or 10K's and will try to maintain a 3-5 mile base for my running ability, but anything more than that, f it. I'm going to admit it here - running blows. After this half, I'm going to figure out some things I truly like (swimming, dancing, maybe soccer???) and stick with those.

News on the home front is good - Blondie's sis arrives tomorrow for a week of kicking around in NYC. We have reservations to Colicchio & Sons on Tuesday, and am looking forward to that. Blondie and I also have tickets (2 for 1) to see Spiderman on Broadway in February. Blondie's cousin arrives in March for 4 days (tickets bought), and then Mr Pooh (and maybe Mrs Pooh) arrive sometime in May or June timeframe.

The cats are good - Tigga hates everyone, and Max can't see, but other than that, they are good. Max still howls all night, but he's so loving and sweet right now, it's beyond cute. Tigga is a major shithead, but you can't help but laugh your ass off when he gets so pissed.

Off to rehyrdrate before I dehydrate. Go Ravens! Go Giants! Go 49'ers!


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