Sunday, January 29, 2012

Literally spent

Last Sunday ended on a down note as all of my teams (except the Giants) got knocked out of the running for the Super Bowl. At least it was fun as I met up with my bar friends for many drinks while watching the 49ers/Giants game. Blondie didn't come out, but we made sure to text him frequently so he knew what kind of fun he was missing.

Monday started half marathon training, and somehow, I managed to find the strength to do all my assigned workouts this week (I'll post them at the end of this). I'm not sure how I did it, but I drug myself through week 1 of training. Yay, 7 days down, 77 days to go. :) My thing about running is that I want to love it so much it's not funny, but I just don't. I love races, but I don't love the training required to be able to run races. Blah.

Also, on Monday, Blondie's sister showed up for a week of running around NYC. She's here for a conference, but came in a few days early in order to have some business meetings before her conference. Monday was a long day at work for me, just trying to get caught up from having the previous Friday off, but then I met up with Blondie and his sis on Monday night for Ethiopian food, before we headed over to our bar to introduce her to everyone. It was a good way to end a Monday.

Tuesday through Thursday work (I had Friday off again) was the same - it's killing me right now as we're trying to get this project ready for launch. My business partner for this project is "not good", so I've been having to do their role in addition to mine (writing reqts, making sure reqts are solid, comping out what we want the experience to look like). So I'll leave work talk as follows - SUCKITY SUCK. If that changes, I'll let you know.

For the fun stuff, Tuesday night was dinner at Colicchio & Sons (I had beef tartare and a prosciutto pizza - soooooo f'ing good; oh, and many whiskeys). We caught a cab back to our place afterwards and crashed out watching movies.

Wednesday we hit up Capizzi - a pizza place in our hood that we love. Blondie's sis and I split an eggplant parmesan pizza (holy crap - one of the best pizzas I've ever had), and we all split a big bottle of wine. Afterwards, we stopped by our wine store and stocked up, before heading home to order ice cream. You read that right, we have ice cream delivery. Does it get any better? Unfortunately though, ice cream is not my cup of tea, so I skipped the ice cream and just had a little bite of Blondie's. If there were gummy bear delivery in our hood, I would be the fattest person alive. Seriously. Literally.

Thursday was my last day of work, and around 4 pm, I just started counting minutes down. When I got done for the day, I headed out and met Blondie and our bar friends for trivia night at a local bar. We lost, thanks to me - I was sure I knew the final question, everyone else agreed on 1 answer, I insisted on another - and the answer everyone agreed on but me was the right answer. WOOT. Oh well, we gave it a good try.

Friday it was pouring rain, and I've not been so happy to not have to commute. I drug Blondie to the gym when we got up, before we ordered in BBQ and took it easy watching TV in the afternoon. We got into our wine stash on Friday night, and before I knew it, we had hoovered through the stockpile we bought on Wednesday. Oops. We ended up ordering in sushi as we were starving by then, and stuffed ourselves to end our evening.

Yesterday it was back to the gym, before we went and did some grocery shopping. We got Subway for lunch and then took naps in the afternoon. And FINALLY, we made a home-cooked meal last night - we made steak and onion stir fry, and put it on mashed potatos. Dumped some A1 on top and mixed it all together - holy crap, so good. I've been craving home cooked food lately, and it just tasted so good. We ate a ton of fruit for dessert (dehydration from running makes me crave fruit like crazy) and then watched Friends With Benefits and laughed our asses off.

Today, the week caught up with me. I woke up around 8 am and chatted with Blondie for a bit. But between getting up early to workout, being out every night this week, and have Max howl all night long so even when I'm sleeping I'm not truly sleeping, I was done in. I headed back to bed and didn't wake up until 11:40 am. I got in a workout, and now we are waiting for lunch to be delivered.

Plans for the week include Blondie's sis 1 last night tonight - dinner out most likely. We are off to our bar this week for the drawing of the Super Bowl boxes, and then my bar friend has her Valentine's Day burlesque/cabaret show on Friday. Sunday is Super Bowl (Go Giants!). Then it's low-key time for a month, which is good because training will be full-force come early March.

So workouts - here you go:
Monday - Insanity Cardio Recovery disc (ha, my first day training, and I do Cardio Recovery)
Tuesday - 3 mile run (40:27 - walked a lot of it)
Wednesday - 2 mile run (25:44 - ran it all)
Thurs - rest day (wasn't supposed to be, but since I had Friday off and that was my rest day, I decided to flop them around)
Friday - 3 mile run (37:56 - ran it all)
Saturday - 4 mile run (53:02 - walked a small portion of it)
Sunday - Insanity Core Cardio and Balance disc

My speed is sloooooow right now - 13 min miles anyone? But it was never like I was a fast runner to begin with. If I can get it back down to 12 min miles, I'll be happy with it for my half.


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