Sunday, September 23, 2012

Started good, ended not good

I want to apologize off the bat because Blondie and I were l.a.m-to-the-e this week. I'm dead serious. It was one of those weeks where leaving the apartment sounded like hell. And I don't know why because with the exception of Tuesday, it was a gorgeous week.

Monday was a suprisingly good day. The reason being that my boss was out sick. I know how that sounds - and I want to clarify that I ADORE my boss (really and truly - she is a good egg and honestly cares about me and if I'm happy at work). But it's nice when she's out as she's really good at what she does and I always feel like I'm 3 steps behind her on everything. I left a slight bit early that day because I had been too tired to work out in the morning, and wanted to get an easy workout in that evening before dinner. So all in all, a good Monday.

Tuesday was a blah day. Nothing special happened - my boss did call in sick again, but then I was worried for her because she never calls in sick - so taking 2 days off in a row meant she was really really sick. I also learned an important lesson on Tuesday. The lesson is "when there is a wind advisory for NYC, don't wear a dress with a full skirt".

Wednesday was a quiet day with the exception that my bar friends flew back from California that day! They texted around 6 pm to come meet them for drinks to get caught up, so I grabbed Blondie and we headed to our local to say hi. They had taken the red-eye back, gotten in that morning so it wasn't long before the husband headed home. But the wife stayed with us for a long while, just shooting the shit and laughing with our bartender. Afterwards, we headed over to check out a little bodega that had opened in her building (our buildings are kitty corner from each other). While in the bodega, she pointed out that a 7-11 was being opened in the first floor of our building. Which led Blondie and I to discuss the many disgusting things we could buy at 3 am. A text to Mr Pooh and he came up with the winner - which was a slim jim and a big gulp - and he pointed out we could buy this stuff with no shoes on as it's in our building.

Thursday SUCKED. We have a launch going out tomorrow, and on Thursday, the QA team found 2 major issues with the release. We heard about the first one and then immediately I had to start tracking down people to investigate, etc. While I'm in the midst of dealing with the first issue, QA mentioned the second issue - I gave that to another developer to investigate. Which he did - he found the issue, and then instead of telling me, he decided to try to fix it himself in the code which is a giant fat WRONG this late in the game. And he knows this. I went OFF on this guy - he's been around for 5 years, he knows how we handle issues found 2 days before launch. There was a lot of yelling on my part (his boss was out otherwise I would've left it up to him), and then I had to start tracking down people to deal with the checkin fuck-up. Both of these issues took all day, several angry phone calls to me (the anger was directed at the checkin fuck-up dev, not me, but I was the one communicating it all out so I got the brunt of it), and 500000 thoughts of "". But by the time I got home that night (late), it was sorted out and we were still on track for Monday.

Friday morning was spent coming up with a plan for issue #1 from Thursday. Then Blondie texted that he wanted to come meet me for lunch - which was awesome sauce. We went for crack salad again, and just hung out for a bit. I headed back to the office, relieved there was only 3.5 hours left. Around 5:40 pm, I started packing up my desk and just as I was about to lock my computer, my IM went off. And it was the SF office with another giant issue. I rounded up my boss and my boss' boss and we joined a conf call to discuss the issue - which after an hour of back-and-forth, we halted our release. We sent out all emails to interested parties, decided we'd revisit on Monday, and then I took off. To get home to a text msg from my boss' boss telling me the issue was a false alarm and we were still a go for tomorrow.

Yesterday Blondie and I both woke up at 5 am - and then spent 30 mins talking, and then realized we were up for the day. Around 8:30 am, I headed down to the gym and spent 1.5 hours there. Then Blondie and I headed for peruvian food for lunch around 1 pm. Afterwards, we came home and crashed for a few hours - afternoon autumn naps are the best - and then ordered our groceries online. Last night we watched a bunch of TV shows - we had DVR'd the pilot for The New Normal and fell in love with it - so we caught up with all those eps On Demand last night.

Today I slept in a little better (7 am) and then headed down to the gym before finishing up the workout in the apartment. I'm meeting my bar friend in an hour for a few beers and lunch, but no other plans other than getting our groceries this afternoon.

Thursday this week is our anniversary - we have tickets to see "Grace" on Broadway. It's a play (not a musical - Blondie is happy) starring Paul Rudd and we got pretty awesome seats for it. We're also going to dinner beforehand. My release is tomorrow which is the last one I'm actively participating in for the year - woot! And the next 2 weeks will see Blondie's sis and Mr Pooh showing up for NYC visits! I also have to head to SF in November, so will spend 1.5 weeks out there so I can visit with Shelbs and Bbbb without work interferring. Big plans folks, big plans.

And it's officially getting cold here. Pbbbbttttt.

Monday: P90X Stretching, P90X Shoulders&Arms
Tuesday: 30 mins on treadmill - 2 mins walking at 4.1 mph, 2 mins running at 5.3 mph up 3.0% grade hill - had to walk 2 of the 7 "uphill" stretches which sucked; 5 min cooldown; weights
Wednesday: Insanity Cardio Power and Resistance
Thursday: 30 mins on treadmill - 2 mins walking at 4.1 mph, 2 mins running at 5.6-6.0 mph; 5 min cooldown; weights
Friday: Insanity Cardio Recovery; P90X Ab Ripper X; tabata push-up interval
Saturday: 3.1 miles in 39:42 (hahahah - SO BAD); 5 min cooldown; ton of weights
Sunday: 45 mins on bike - 2 mins at resistance 5, 2 mins at resistance 9; 5 min cooldown; P90X Stretching.


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