Saturday, May 15, 2010

The calm between the storms

A nice down week was what was required for us. After 2 straight weeks of visitors (WOO HOO! We LOVE you guys!), we needed a few days of being lazy asses to recuperate.

Ironically, another set of people from my old division were in town again, but this was not a crew I partied with, but one I had definitely shared many projects with instead. I have great respect for them, but our interactions were limited to lunches, and not bars after work.

So this week was Blondie's birthday!!! My hottie turned another year older, and still looks just as good as when I met him (10+ years ago!). He decided to celebrate by selecting cajun food for dinner. Blondie picked a different place than the one we normally go to though, and this one RULED.

The decor was amazing - you honestly felt like you were sitting in a bar overlooking Bourbon St - and the food rocked. We split an order of spicy red bean dip, and Blondie had fried pickles (there are not many foods I don't like, and even fewer I won't try - but pickles/cucumbers are not tops in my book). Then Blondie got a plate of crawfish etouffe and I had a plate of shrimp creole.

Many glasses of $5 hurricanes and Abita were also involved in this venture.

Afterwards, a long walk was required as Blondie was feeling extremely full. Our walk took us the roundabout way home, and soon we had pulled up in front of our 24 hour deli. Of course, ice cream sounded fabulous at this point, but true to form, I didn't even touch mine once we got home. But that was my birthday gift to Blondie ;)

The rest of the week was mild. Blondie got out of the apartment yesterday and hung out tourist-watching in Times Square for awhile. He's completely burnt now. I had of course work. Yay. Work. Woot.

Next week, yet another friend of mine from SF is pulling into town for work. I can't wait to see CChu and hang out! And my work group is going on a team outing for bowling on Thurs. This ought to be fun. We bowl everytime we go back to KY to visit my family, but that always involves about 20 beers - it will be interesting how I do with only a few in me.

Cheers to everyone and have a great weekend! I'm off to convince Blondie to go outside with me and enjoy the sun!



CeCe Savage said...

That sounds like such fun!

I love love love anything you can get authentic from New Orleans and reading crawfish etouffe made me want to buy a plane ticket tomorrow to head down there!

I'm still amused that you love ice cream, but hardly touch it once you've got it home. You make me feel more normal! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who does that.

Kerri&Shaun said...

I met my mom and sis last year in NOLA for a girl's trip, and brought back some Hurricane mix. I should've brought back like 6 packs. I'm ALWAYS up for cajun.

I hear you on the ice cream! I'm glad I'm not the only one that does that also! OMG. Something about it...

OTOH, give me gummy bears - I'll eat the whole bag before I even thank you.