Sunday, May 23, 2010

Today's going to be a good day!

Let me start by saying - I need another weekend! Thank god this is a 4.5 day work week with a 3 day weekend coming up. OMG. I'm going to be counting minutes until Friday at 1 pm. Also - this Friday starts summer Fridays, so let's say it together - "WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOO". Summer Fridays are half day Fridays that you don't have to make up your time for. So our work weeks become 36 hour work weeks.

It's the small things that make me happy.

My week and weekend have been ON THE GO. Blondie came and met me on Wed night for some shopping and dinner on the UES. He needed new jeans and I needed a new handbag. Then we both needed pizza. Then, of course, Dylan's Candy Bar (Ralph Lauren's daughter's candy shop) was calling our names.

Who's bright idea was it to have an entire wall of different flavored gummy bears? Those are my obsession. $15 worth of gummy bears later, my shame kicked in. But they were soooo good!

Thursday I made it to LES for lunch with CChu - another friend from work who was visiting her offices here in NYC. We ate at Ippudo, which is said to be the best ramen bar in NYC. It was definitely good, but I've also definitely had ramen I liked better. 5 hours after lunch, I was still stuffed to my eyeballs and it was TIME TO BOWL! My workgroup headed over to Chelsea Piers to bowl and booze, and finally hit up the arcade. I had a total blast - from games of flippy cup, to "Let's not aim for the pins, let's just bowl the fastest" to The Vadge putting on a devil voice and screaming "I'm the LOUDEST drunk alive!"

Which leads us into the weekend...

I have a slight obsession with SNL digital skits - the Lonely Island guys that make those videos are genius. A friend of mine from work told me about their latest video - "Today's Going to be a Good Day" - and we ended up watching it like 50000 times at work this past week. Check out Hulu - it's SO WORTH IT!

There is a point to this - the video was actually filmed in the West Village area of NYC, close to NYU campus, so I drug Blondie down with me to revisit the area this weekend. We had gone down when we first moved here, back in February, and we completely loved the area.

This time down we went ahead and visited Washington Square Park - home of the famous arch (see my NY blog - - for pics), and then poked around the NYU campus some. Afterwards, we headed over to this bar we found from our previous trip down - which is home to honestly the best burger I've ever had in my life.

We headed there for lunch after our touristing activities, and I was so worried that maybe I had made the burger out to be way more than it was in my head. Fears were overcome though - that burger actually makes me want to cry it's so good.

About 7 beers into our afternoon, Blondie suggested giving the Knapster a call. Knappy was one of my BFF's from SF, who was actually in the process of moving to NYC when I was in the process of moving to SF itself. I heart me some Knappy but you have to have a certain amount of energy to keep up with him.

We determined we had that energy, the call was made, and the next thing I know, Blondie and I were on a train to Brooklyn to party it up Knappy-style in Williamsburg. It was the first time we've met up since we've moved here, which is actually totally my fault. We had a great time, and ended up back at his and his roommate's apartment drinking beers on their rooftop patio which had the most awesome view of the NYC skyline I've ever seen.

In a completely random happening, it turns out that Knappy's ex gf, the lovely Yo, LIVES IN OUR APARTMENT BUILDING! WTF? Of all the buildings in NYC, we moved into the same one in the same timeframe!

So last night when we were ready to leave Brooklyn, we hired a "livery cab" (I'm still not sure what this means) and Knappy came with us to visit Yo.

Today was spent dying. Blondie made me pancakes and turkey bacon for breakfast, and then I finally got a workout in. We made it out to Subway for lunch, and now I'm going to curl up in a ball on my floor and sweat the rest of the beer out.

The weather has turned crappy today - you'd never guess it was almost June out there right now, so this is a perfect day to be a lazy-ass. I'm going to try and convince one of my cats to take a nap with me also. We'll see how this goes.


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