Sunday, May 16, 2010

Laziness personified

My cats would say "HI" but they are too busy sleeping. And they could care less if you are offended by them not greeting you.



CeCe Savage said...

That sounds like such a lovely thing. My cat Belle does the exact opposite. She announces everyone arrival with frequent and loud meows. She's like a very ineffectual guard cat, lol.

But your cats are so cute. Are cats not the cutest animals every while sleeping?

Kerri&Shaun said...

I love looking at cats while they sleep - they are so zen. One of my cats even covers his head with his paws while he sleeps sometimes. It makes me laugh! Belle sounds like fun - I miss having a cat that likes to come around when you are there - mine mostly crack an eyelid, howl for milk, and ignore us the rest of the time!