Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fleet Week, summer Fridays, pedicure, and a hangover

Oh My!

I feel off this week and I have Fleet Week to blame for it. We had Fleet Week in San Francisco also, but it was at the beginning of October. So I'm wandering around this week, sweating my ass off b/c summer has finally hit and hit hard, and everytime I see a sailor or a marine, I'm like "Huh. It sure is hot for October".

I'm an idiot sometimes.

So the ships are docked, our armed forces are in town, and it's Memorial Day weekend. It's a great day to be in NYC.

Yesterday started summer Fridays for me. This is a 1 pm end time on Friday, making your 8 hour day a 4 hour day. And you don't have to make up your time. I love summer Fridays. Love them. Like I'd totally drop Blondie for them.

To celebrate my first summer Friday, Blondie met me at a local burger joint I've been wanting to try (Mother Burger). They have a huge outdoor patio which is very important since one of our favorite shared activities is people watching. I got a wing burger which is a burger doused in buffalo sauce covered in blue cheese dressing (um, OMG, so freaking yummy!) and Blondie got a BLT. They also have $2 cans of beer. Which started us off drinking, ahem, rather heavily.

We also started the "Imaginary Dinner Party" game - which is pick a theme, and then pick 5 people dead or alive who you would invite to that theme. We went through everything from sports stars (Brett Favre was on both of our lists) to movie stars (ScarJo was on everyone of Blondie's lists and Jonny Depp was on everyone of mine) to exes to political figures to ... We literally played this game all night - that I can remember.

After Mother Burger it was off to Rudy's - home of the $7 pitchers of Rudy's Blonde Ale and free hot dogs. 3 pitchers later, we headed home. I think we got in around 9 pm, we had skipped dinner, and were completely toasted.

Somehow we managed to split a meatball sub that I had leftover from a few days ago, which I guess was smart. I woke up naked this morning with no memory of removing my contacts or clothes.

I huddled in a little ball on the floor for most of the morning, before finally giving up and starting to workout. The sweating was what I needed b/c I feel right as rain right now.

I headed out around noon to get myself a pedicure (somehow a foot massage seems to cure everything) - we're off to Philadelphia next weekend, so I wanted to have good looking feet when I see my friends. Can't wait for the trip! Afterwards I called Blondie and he met me at our local BBQ restaurant Daisy Mays, where I induldged in mac&cheese and creamed corn. Hello carbs! You are my friends! The best part is the leftovers are in my fridge to eat with homemade crab cakes tonight!

Knappy has invited us over to Bklyn for a party on his rooftop, but after my hot date with beer last night, I think an invitation to go to bed early is going to be accepted.

Happy Memorial Day everyone!


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