Saturday, May 08, 2010

We belong to the night, we belong to the thunder!!!

OMG. A whirlwind week that ended in karaoke bar in Koreatown trying to get out of the way of a girl who was about to projectile vom all over the bathroom.

It started, again, with friends (this time coworkers). The division I used to work for in my company also has an office in NYC (not just my new division in the same company) and some of my old coworkers were out this week to work out of the NYC offices.

On Tues Blondie and I met up with one of the guys - he was one of my BFF's from work, and an integral part of my "crew" in SF. We had a blast - we hit up a bar around my hood that was very similar to The Flying Saucer (a chain bar in TX and Memphis that had about a billion beers on tap). For those who don't know me, there is nothing I like more than grabbing some friends, finding a bar, and having some beers and good talk. And maybe some bar food.

On Thurs, I met up with one of the other guys who had flown out. I was also friendly with him and partied so much at his old apartment - he's the one that had the giant patio and threw parties all summer long last year. We ended up in on the east side (Midtown) and basically had a signoff to the jukebox. It was disastrous.

This leads us to yesterday... Me, Blondie and my 3 best from the city decided this was a fabulous night to slam some Soju, eat some wings, and then we ended up in Koreatown. Karaok'ing. In a private karaoke room. Drinking Sake and beer.

I was under the impression that the rooms were soundproof and let me say, I took advantage of it. I WAS ATROCIOUS. Video from Bacon will prove that. Um, also my impression? COMPLETELY F'ING WRONG. You could hear every other room from the halls. Luckily I was so far from being the worst person singing.

So I'm drunk, go to pee - 1 stall bathroom. I get done peeing, and all of a sudden someone starts yanking on the door - screaming "OMG, is someone in there?!?!?!?" and I'm all like "Yeah, just a sec" and then the screaming goes "Just hold it in Kate (I'm making up a name, I can't remember the name they used), HOLD. IT. IN!"

So I go flying out of the stall, with my pants still down - my big old butt on display - to find this girl who looks completely toasted, make-up smeared all over her face, and her friend who frantically shoves this girl into the stall where she immediately starts vomiting her brains out.

Standing there, still pants not up, and of course that's when I realize that they've brought a male friend into help *AND* more importantly, that the door from the bathroom to the hall is wide open.


But that's the beauty of being drunk. I was embarrassed for about 2.5 seconds, and then thought "that's what you get for getting so drunk. Silly people".

Last night seriously ranked up there as one of the 5 best nights I've ever had in my life.

On another note, a huge shout-out to Mr and Mrs Pooh (my brother and sis-in-law). They are running a half-marathon today. Mr Pooh has lost over 100 lbs over the past 1.5 years, and this will be his 5th or 6th half (he took up running when he started losing weight). Mrs Pooh, who does NOT have a weight problem, but has a job that makes it VERY hard to find time to run (stay-at-home mom to 2 of the Cutest Kids In The World, both under 5) will be running a half for the 1st time.




CeCe Savage said...

This does sound like an awesome weekend. It's definitely in my plans to begin making friends who are somewhere in my age range in my city so I can go out more.

Kerri&Shaun said...

I love my work crew - I got really lucky that way. We're still working on finding non-work friends here too. I'm thinking about signing up for some cooking classes (I like cooking, but I'm not real good at it), and I hope I meet some interesting people there!