Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A fresh start... Or, how I get my life back...

Ahhh, nights - I own you again! Early morning hours - I own you again! Life - you are my own again! Raging headache and cotton mouth - apparently I am owning you right now.

So, yesterday, my company announced the closure of the SF office for the technical teams that are out here. I'm one of those. They've given me a 2 month notice, and I will receive severance after the 2 months are up. In addition, (and this is *so* sweet of them - make sure you read that in a sarcastic manner), they've offered to pay to relocate me back to TX. Hmmm, let me think - okay, NO.

The point is, I've got my life back. I've been skating through this job for a long time, hating it and hating life while I worked it, and this is a really good thing for me. I'm going to start over out here. I'm going to find something I don't hate (if I find something I like, even better, but for now we'll go with something I don't hate). I'm going to get paid like I should be paid for what I do.

Big big thanks to A for getting me out of the house yesterday - you are a rock star!
Big big thanks to B for having the "medical thing" and joining us at Zeitgeist - you are a rock star!
Big big thanks to sweetie J and party C keeping the party going into the night - you guys are both rock stars!
BIG BIG thanks to blondie - yes, I know it was your turn, but sometimes sh*t happens. Thanks for dragging my drunk ass around town last night, and getting me to put some food in my stomach and getting me home and into bed. You are MY rock star.


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April said...

You're handling this like such a trooper. This little unhappy surprise is chock full of silver linings. I can't wait to see what your fresh start looks like!