Monday, October 02, 2006

House of Snakes. Or maybe I was just really drunk.

So, last Friday night, after a boozy evening at DP's (really and truly the best HH around north Dallas), I came home to find a snake (we'll call him Bob from now on) lying up against the front door. That also would be up against the front door INSIDE the house. I think he was looking for his girlfriend - but unbeknowst to Bob, my husband killed the snake girlfriend about 3 years ago over Thanksgiving. That's right - this was snake #2. In addition, my husband was sleeping with Captain Morpheus on Friday night - lasix surgery warranted a couple of sleeping pills - so that left a drunk yours truly to get a rake and get Bob out of the house. I'll give it up for Amy though - she came into the house and I pointed out Bob and her reaction - "Huh. Oh well".

Also, GOOOOO Pack GO. It's about half-time of their game against the Eagles and they are actually up by 2. I'm sure I just jinxed them though. Yep. I just jinxed them. Well, at 1:22 left in the first half, they were up by 2. I think the Eagles are about to score now. Eagles - just make sure you win next week when you play the Cowboys. That's way more important.


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